Finding good freelance jobs is hard.
We make it easy.

We automatically search multiple platforms and apply our custom AI tooling to help you win the best jobs.

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How does it work?

Data-driven analytics

There's a lot of jobs out there. We help you find the best ones, using data science and real-time analytics.
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    Smart AI ratings.

    There's a lot of jobs posted, but not all of them are good. We automatically identify and optionally filter out all low-quality jobs, so you only see the best.

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    Know how much to bid.

    By looking at the skills needed for the job, we can compute a historical average price for similar jobs. Client offering more? You're in luck!

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    Deep skill analysis.

    We crunch the numbers and see what the best risk vs reward is for each. Want to know what to skill up on? We've got you.
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AI cover letters

Writing a cover letter as part of a job proposal is always tough, especially if you're applying to a lot of jobs. Our system will create a custom job cover letter in a number of different styles, individualised to the specific job.
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    Pick a style.

    We'll generate a different letter in each style.

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    Fill in the blanks

    It doesn't know everything! Customize the template as you see fit.

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    Send it off in seconds.

    Save your mental energy for the interview.

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