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We've tracked 265,421 jobs so far. Here's a few of them.

The fastest way to find new clients for your digital agency!

Our AI bot will find, filter and send you new job matches from all the major freelance job platforms within minutes of their posting, directly to your Slack, email or push notification.

With our help, you'll be the first to apply every time.
Never miss out on the perfect job for your agency again.

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What platforms do we support?

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Fast and secure!

Why use this?

Running an agency is hard. If you're not working, you're not getting paid! But you also need to keep looking for new work.

One of the best ways to close a deal on online freelancing platforms is to be among the first applicants to a job. The early bird gets the worm!

But you don't want to sit and refresh the job feeds across multiple platforms all day. And the fire-hose volume of jobs posted on freelance marketplaces can be very high, requiring you to look at a lot of low-quality jobs to find the few good ones. That's where freelance.watch comes in.

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Step 1: create your search

Use our meta-search engine to search jobs across multiple freelance platforms. Add filters, budget ranges, and more.

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Step 2: turn on notifications

We'll notify you when something matches your search. We're always refreshing − so when that perfect job comes along, you'll be first in line to nab it.

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Step 3: receive targeted jobs immediately

We'll filter out all the low-quality jobs, and send you just the best. Or if you prefer, turn off our filters and get everything!

No spam. Just great leads.

It's an unfortunate truth of online freelancing, that most of the jobs posted aren't great... but there sure are a lot of them. We're here to help.

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Real time filtering

Before we send you any notifications, we apply our special AI quality filter.

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Real time results

If it passes muster, great, we send it to you! If not, we discard it and wait for the next one.

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Of course, it's optional

If you want, you can disable our filtering and recive a firehose of all new jobs.

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Notifications just for you.

We've got a few different ways to notify you of new jobs. Pick the one you're most likely to see!

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Slack live

Feed new jobs directly into your agency Slack.

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Email live

We'll send you an email with a quick link to the job.

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Web Push Notifications live

Works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera via Pusher.

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Telegram beta

For those people who prefer secure messaging.

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"Using this saved me a ton of time, and I've won a bunch of jobs that I'd never normally get. If you value the time and money of you or your agency, you owe it to yourself to sign up to Freelance Watch."

Paul Hunkin IT consultant
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Super simple pricing

Don't you hate it when pricing seems really complicated? Us too!

$99 /mo
Agency Plan
  • 10 day free trial!
  • unlimited saved searches
  • 50 notifications enabled
  • Searches checked every 5 minutes
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Helpful answers

Got a question? Maybe it's answered here. Or if not, send us an email!

It's true that on Upwork at least, proposals aren't sorted in strictly chronological order when the client sees them. However, if you're the only proposal because you applied first while the client is still on the site − well, you're going to be the one they see.

Obviously there's no silver bullet to winning proposals. But often just an edge like "you were the first one the client talked to" is enough. And we're here to help!

I get it. But think of it this way − you just need to get one job because we helped you discover it, that you wouldn't have got otherwise. And then it's worth it many times over!

But if you're new to the freelance game, send us an email and we'll talk. Happy to help out new users!

Don't worry, it's fine! We're just using the same data that Google sees when it crawls websites. We're just another search engine, and we obey robots.txt. We try to be good web citizens. And hey, we're just pushing more business to the platforms, why would they care?

Please don't stress.

Totally fair. Send us an email and we'll sort it out, no problem.

Sure! There's a free trial. If you cancel before then, it won't cost you a dime.

And hey, we're flexible. If you don't like it, send an email and we'll sort out a refund.

It's just like refreshing the feed manually, except we wrote a robot to do it for us. You don't share any of your login information, and Upwork etc have no idea that you're using the site.

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